Best Air Popper For Roasting Coffee Beans

Coffee is the second drunk beverage in the world after water. Coffee helps to increase brain activity and also helps, lift your mood.

Here’s our list of the best Air poppers for roasting coffee beans in the comfort of your own home. Now you’re on your way to achieving coffee greatness.

  1. Wabash Valley Farms 24001 

Wabash Valley Farms makes this stovetop popcorn popper for those shopping for something straightforward to use that can also roast coffee beans super fast.

While it is specifically designed for popcorn and it will also come with an amazing popping kit, this popper still has what it takes to make almost any coffee roast from the lightest to the darkest.

Key among the things that make it ideal for roasting coffee is the fact that it is made from a solid aluminum material that can take the high heat, and it also heats up fast and maintains consistent heat.

Also, with the highly efficient stirring mechanism, this top-rated popcorn popper roasting coffee will also ensure you can roast coffee beans without overdoing things.


  • Sturdy and durable aluminum construction
  • Efficient stirring system to prevent burning
  • Super easy to clean up after use
  • Heats up fast and roasts faster
  • Great capacity given its price tag


  • Can heat up a little too fast
  • Material feels a little thinner

2. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Original Whirley Popcorn Popper 

If you are looking for a high-performing stovetop popcorn popper that also has the looks to go with it, this amazing one byFranklin’s Gourmet Popcorn will be a great pick.

It is a well-built aluminum popper that is designed to deliver more even heat distribution which will be important to ensure you get more even roasting.

Also, with the unique and highly efficient stirring mechanism, your coffee beans will not burn and neither will they stick on the pot which ensures you always end up with perfectly roasted beans.

Clean up after use is also super easy because all you need to do is to wipe down the pot with a paper towel and store it for later use. And to give you some assurances that this popcorn popper will last, it is also backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Pleasant classic look
  • Delivers more even heat distribution
  • Efficient stirring mechanism prevents sticking and burning
  • Super easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A little pricier
  • Lid seems a little flimsy
  • ​West Bend 82505 

Electric popcorn poppers are designed to give you a much easier time whether you are popping some popcorn or roasting coffee. And if you end up with a highly efficient model like this one, you will have an even easier.

It is a relatively affordable option for a 6-quart electric popper, and it will also come with a larger and clear lid that makes it easy to monitor the popping process.

Like most other electric poppers, it will deliver fast and more consistent heating which will, in turn, ensure more uniform roasting and the process will also be relatively quick.


  • Larger, clear lid for easy monitoring
  • Fast and consistent roasting
  • More reliable motorized stirring rod
  • Nonstick plate for easy cleanup
  • Relatively affordable


  • Lid seems to be made from thinner material
  • Plastic plate cannot get to very high temperatures

​4. Zippy Pop 00008-01-ZIP 

Sometimes you do not need to spend a lot on the large and bulky popcorn poppers because a smaller capacity and more affordable stovetop model like this is all you need.

It is a perfect choice for coffee lovers that only roast small batches of beans at ago, and it has everything required for a perfect roast.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Sturdy handle which also does not get hot
  • Clear and vented lid
  • Unique and highly efficient stirring mechanism
  • Nonstick interior for easy cleanup


  • Lid can be tricky to wash by hand
  • Knob detaches easily

​5. Hamilton Beach 73400 

Hot air poppers are some of the most efficient that you can get and many users love them because they do not use oil to pop. A top-notch model like this one by Hamilton Beach can also be great for roasting coffee.

What makes it a good air popper for roasting coffee is that it is super effortless to use even for inexperienced individuals, and it also heats up earlier and more consistently.


  • Efficient hot air popper
  • Super easy to use
  • Faster heat up and roasting
  • Cleanup after use is a breeze
  • Comes with a free measuring cup


  • No on/off button
  • Can be quite loud

6. Nostalgia APH200RED 

This little Air popper by Nostalgia is designed to make both popcorn popping and coffee roasting easy and quicker.

The compact size of the hot air popper means that it will conveniently fit any counter space as it takes up little space, and to make it even more convenient, it has a clear housing top for easy monitoring.

But, what makes it an outstanding coffee roaster is that unlike other hot air poppers, it reaches the high temperatures required for coffee roasting and does it faster than most other models.


  • Compact countertop size
  • Clear housing top for easy monitoring
  • Gets hot enough fast
  • Measuring cup included
  • Includes on/off switch


  • A little bit loud

Not enough space for stirring

7. Victorio VKP1162 

Victorio VKP1162 is a small popcorn popper in price but big in performance as it can roast coffee faster and more efficiently than many other hot air poppers that cost way much more.

Its smaller size ensures that it will take up little counter space, and it has also been designed with a broader base for increased stability on the counter.


  • Cool-touch body
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Large and clear top for easy loading and view
  • Convenient measuring cup included
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Smaller capacity

How Long To Grind Coffee Beans For Drip Coffee?

Grinding coffee beans to the right grind is possibly the most important part if you want to experience the best coffee made all by yourself. There are some tiny details that you must think before you start grinding your beans. Whether you are new to coffee making or work as a true coffee expert, this article will guide you step by step on how to grind coffee beans to make drip coffee.

So, the basic question arises here that what equipment is necessary for this purpose? The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of that blade grinder because it’s no good. The grounds from this grinder will be a mixture of fine and course grounds. Hence, you will get a coffee that doesn’t provide you with the taste that you desire.

You have the beans and it only takes a few minutes to grind them all up into a nice, aromatic powder. But by the time flavor in the cup will begin to fade.

The logical explanation is oxidation, a natural process that begins as soon as you open up each bag of roasted beans and depiction it to the air.  To increases the flavor in the cup refrains from grinding until the last moment. A few coffee makers have built-in grinders so that, as soon as the bean is ground, the brewing begins.  Organize everything else in front of time and then, at the last moment, grind your beans and start brewing.

Tips for Grinding Coffee at Home

  1. Keep the grinder clean.
  2. Never grind pre-flavored beans.
  3. Grind just prior to brewing.
  4. To achieve a more consistent grind gently shake the apparatus while grinding.
  5. Use the correct size for your equipment. 

With blade grinders timing is critical. Follow the below guidelines for best results. Each blade grinder is different, so adjust consequently.

  • Coarse Grind for French Press for 5-10 seconds.
  • Medium Grind for electric drip or most Pour-Over methods is 10-15 seconds.
  • Well grind for espresso machines grind about 30 seconds.

Of course in matters of taste, there is no recipe for accomplishment. Experiment with your equipment, timing, and ingredients to achieve results that please you.

Why grind size matters:

There are various factors when it comes to grind size that makes the major difference: 1. Contact time 2. Extraction rate3. Flow rate. To put it simply:

  • The extraction rate of coffee grounds increases with a larger surface area.
  • Grind the coffee finer, to increase surface area.
  • The higher the extraction rate, a smaller amount contact time is needed.
  • A finer grind can decrease the flow rate of water, increasing the contact time.

Of course, all the above recommendations are just suggestions. They are subject to change based on preferences and minor differences in brewers. Getting the grind size exactly right requires some testing and alteration.


How Often Should You Backflush An Espresso Machine

What is Backflushing?

Backflushing is a specific cleaning word used on professional standard and home espresso machines. Regular backflushing of your espresso machine will not only maintain the quality taste of your espresso machine it can extend the life of your machine and keep away from costly maintenance.


Each and Every day! That’s perfect; you should be adding this into your daily cleaning routine for best results. Home machines normally just need backflushed once per week with plain water, but it won’t harm your machine performing it more often or with cleaners.
Commercial machines should be backflushed at the end of every busy business day. If business was slow that day, plain water may be sufficient to flush with. There are particular backflushing cleaning chemicals made specifically for your espresso machine. 

Always remember to clean the group head thoroughly with clean water after you use any kind of chemical cleaner. Backflushing will ensure your espresso machine is always ready for the next round of espresso! To begin, make sure your coffee machine is powered on and at brewing temperature. Check the amount of water and fill with fresh filtered water if necessary. At this stage you should also ensure that the drip tray is empty.

How to Backflush an Espresso Machine

Backflushing is an important to keep your machine performing at peak condition. 

  • The first thing you need to do is to remove the filter basket from the portafilter and insert a backflush disc. This specialized disc can either be a simple filter basket with no holes or a rubber disc that covers the holes of your machine’s filter basket.
  • Measure about half a tablespoon of backflush cleaner into the backflush disc. After that, put the portafilter back and turn the machine’s pump on.
  • After approximately 20 minutes, the pump will turn quiet because of the pressure forming inside the. Once this happens, turn the pump off.
  • After this, you would hear a whooshing sound that is the indication that the cleaner is being pushed through the three-way valve and starts emptying to the drip tray. Don’t forget to have some sort of container to catch the solvent coming out of the drip to not cause any more mess.
  • On the first run, the liquid would most likely be blurry and muddy looking. You would have to repeat the whole process until the solvent coming out of the drip is clear.
  • To clear the machine of the solvent, run a couple more backflush using water without the cleaner.
  • The last step would need you to remove the handle and turn the machine’s pump on and off a few times in order to totally rinse the insides of the solvent.

We hope this look at normal maintenance is helpful for you! By adhering to a simple schedule like this you can keep your machine running in great shape for many years.


What Country Produces The Best Coffee In The World?

What makes coffee taste good? 

You’ll never reach a quality result unless you start with quality ingredients for good coffee taste. It means starting with first class coffee beans. Purchase your coffee beans in a sealed bag. And look for bags which have a one-way valve. And if you do buy beans in a bag from a bin at the supermarket, do the same – straight away pour them into an air-tight container. Buy a coffee grinder that allows you to vary the thickness of the coffee grinds. The grind must suit the coffee brewer you are using. Using the correct grind is a key element in how to make coffee you’ll actuality enjoy.

What is the 1st best coffee producing country in the world? 

Some of the coffees are grown in Ethiopia. Particularly it is known as “Harrar”. It has the flavor of wine and some astringency. Depending on the development conditions may have a spicy or fruity flavor.


It’s hard to imagine a coffee that tastes better than a big, sweet, natural processed Sidama in Ethiopia. It’s really the birthplace of coffee, which has been increasing wild and harvested here for millennia. Whenever I drink a coffee from Ethiopia, I feel that this is how coffee is invented to taste and everything else is a simulation, changed in some way unintentionally because of genetic float or changing climates. Ethiopia also has the largest genetic variety of coffee, many of which still remain unspecified.

There’s a reason best coffee comes out of Ethiopia every year. Its producers hardly ever contend with problems that can beat coffee growers in South and Central America where coffee is not native. The latest example of this is the coffee-leaf rust that has plagued Central America this past year and wiped out thousands of farms. Because coffee is native to Ethiopia, it infrequently incites climate or disease-born chaos. Coffee still grows all over Ethiopia, and there are number of undiscovered varietals in Ethiopia. 

The best rated Company on

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

This exceptional coffee was selected as the best rated company on Coffee Review’s list. 

Ethiopian Coffee Information:

Coffee beans of Ethiopian Harrar are grown on small farms in the eastern part of the Ethiopia. They are dry-processed and labeled as longberry, shortberry, or Mocha .  Harrar coffee can have a strong dry edge, rich aroma, winy to fruit like acidity and a heavy body.  In the best Harrar coffees, one can examine an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.  Ethiopian coffee is often used in espresso blends to confine the fine aromatics in the crema.


Can You Drink Coffee After Teeth Whitening?

Do Not Drink Coffee for 48 Hours After Teeth Whitening

The bleaching agents in teeth whitening gel make tooth enamel particularly porous, which means the teeth will be even more vulnerable to discoloration for a short time. To protect the effects of teeth whitening treatment, patients should avoid dark-colored foods including coffee for at least 48 hours after teeth whitening treatment. As long as patients stay away from dark-colored foods such as coffee, tea, wine, and dark berries for 48 hours, they will not hazard compromising the effects of treatment.

White Teeth Coffee
Can You Drink Coffee After Teeth Whitening?

Can you drink coffee after teeth whitening? 

You should avoid drinking coffee for at least a couple of days after teeth whitening. The tooth whitening process temporarily makes the teeth more susceptible to stains, so it is finest to avoid stain-causing drinks. Teeth whitening treatment is designed to address extrinsic dental stains, which are stains that originate on the surface of the teeth. The bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and whitens the discolored tooth enamel. If you drink a lot of coffee, this can make matters a little tricky. 

Why does coffee cause staining? 

Many of the foods that people enjoy regularly can stain the teeth. One of the greatest culprits when it comes to tooth staining is coffee. Many people get pleasure from a cup of coffee in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening as well. But by the time, your coffee can cause teeth very noticeable stains. Coffee may not make your teeth whiter. Coffee teeth stains happen over time and these stains can make you self-conscious. But you don’t necessitate living with coffee-stained teeth. 

Will I get stained teeth if I drink coffee?

While stains might not appear at once after drinking your first cup of coffee, regular coffee drinkers will see, by the time, they will start to see their teeth yellow. Once these stains have started to develop, it can be incredibly hard for you to remove them. The greatest way to deal with coffee stains is to stop them from happening in the first place. Here are five tips to avoid coffee stains on teeth.

  1. Add milk to your coffee
  2. Change how you drink
  3. Drink a coffee with less caffeine
  4. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee
  5. Have your teeth professionally whitened 

If you be likely to sip on your coffee throughout the day, try drinking your cup of coffee in less time. And your teeth will not go through from the same levels of staining. If you take pleasure in iced coffee, try sipping it through a straw to avoid your teeth.


Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Shower Drain?

  • Can coffee grounds go down the shower drain?  (500 words)
    • Can coffee grounds clog my shower drain? 
    • What will happen if i pour coffee grounds down the shower drain 
    • How to unclog shower drain if i clogged it with coffee grounds

Can coffee grounds clog my shower drain? 

If homeowners have ever spilled wet used coffee grounds on the floor, they know how rigid it is to clean. When homeowners use the sink drain, with or without a disposer, for grounds waste, you can expect that it will build up along the insides of the drain lines. This can harden and clog the line by falling normal flow, as other fats and organic food waste enters the line and builds up on the grounds. If you don’t want to throw the coffee grounds in the garbage, consider putting them outside in your garden as fertilizer.

Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Shower Drain?

What will happen if i pour coffee grounds down the shower drain 

Coffee grounds build up in your pipes and cause blockage. Coffee grounds don’t break down in water; in fact they typically bunch together. Ultimately coffee grounds build up and can get packed together in the drain line causing a clog. 

You should always dispose of coffee grounds in your trashcan or use them for composting. As coffee grounds hold key minerals for plant growth, you can use them to fertilize your garden. Coffee grounds not only fertilize gardens because they are mineral-rich, but they are also great at absorbing contaminants in the soil, particularly heavy metals. Coffee grounds are said to attract worms, which help gardens flourish. You can use coffee grounds as fertilizer by sprinkling them around your plants. You can compost your coffee grounds and use them at a later time. Coffee grounds are great insect repellents when you place them in bowls or sprinkle them around the areas you want to repel insects.

How to unclog shower drain if i clogged it with coffee grounds

The homeowners who use disposers carefully and do not intentionally put all of their used coffee grounds in the sink will probable keep a clear kitchen drain line and avoid common clogs.

The ideal way to unclog a kitchen sink and approach kitchen drain lines is to treat them with care. If homeowners have a garbage disposer, consider using it only after scraping food and other waste into the trash and never place grease or oil in the line. Run the valve on hot for a few minutes to push any coffee grounds that have gotten into the drain. This will drive them further down the line and help out to unclog your sink.