Best Jura Espresso Machines of 2016

Jura Inc. is well known as automatic coffee machine manufacturer in America, bringing high quality and simplicity of use to brewing coffee and beverages at home. Jura automatic coffee appliances make the superior high-pressure-brewed coffee. Ease of operation is also available in the Jura automatic espresso machines. cappuccino and latte. It is said that these machines can grind, tamp, brew and self-clean in less than 60 seconds.

Frothing buttons make froth, for the convenience of perfectly steaming milk. Meanwhile, Jura machines provide more choices in coffee volume and coffee strength than other brands. Grinding and brewing assure that customers feast the best of flavor and aroma. Jura becomes the global leader in the automatic espresso machines. At same time, it provides excellent customer service. Please feel free to consult if you need help. I believe this brand can be your first choice.

Best Jura Espresso Machine Reviews

  1. Jura IMPRESSA F8
  2. Jura Ena Micro 1
  3. Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine Reivew

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Review

For coffee lovers, the Jura IMPRESSA F8 is a best choice for you. It is an automatic model, and easy to brew coffee and beverages anytime. You can make coffee, cappuccino or latte in your spare time. A good taste of aroma ensured in favor of grinder. The smell of coffee fills the rooms slowly from the coffee machine. Meanwhile, the machine can make two cups of coffee, so you can enjoy hot coffee or cappuccino with your wife or husband.

Compared to other espresso machines, this model adopts revolution on its frothing function, which guarantees that you can steam milk to perfection. It can provide a wonderful espresso for you. That is really fantastic news for espresso lovers. Probably you are worried about that it is too complicate to use, but the fact is it is fast and easy to operate. It will spend little time brewing coffee if you set the menu in advance. It is the top one for you.

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Jura Ena Micro 1 Review

Jura Ena Micro 1 Review

Some coffee fans said that the espresso machine helps them reduce expense of buying cappuccinos and lattes. This model, Jura Ena Micro is less expensive, but owns high quality. It gets a compact design for cup size, which brings flexible control for your cup so that cutting waste. There is an aroma preservation cover that keeps coffee beans fresh longer, which ensures you enjoy drinking fresh espresso. The automatic energy saving is also available in the model. It provides intelligent preheating system.

There is surprising customizability for the simply coffee maker. If you set up the menu several minutes, then you can make espresso in seconds. But there are some basic issues, for example, the water tank in the back is small and can not easily see how water is in it. So you need to spend time watching it. In terms of price and function, it is very affordable.

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Jura ENA 9 One Touch Review

Jura ENA 9 One Touch Review

It is a unique design that height adjustable dual spout, the only one touch button produces six different products, and it can adjust the coffee strength in favor of programmable amount of water. The coffee maker can meet many kinds of tastes. You can store water volume (up to 12oz), strength of espresso, duration of milk froth and coffee temperature, and you can set these individually. If you finish the setup, it is so easy to control it, because there is only one touch. This is a simply process for making cappuccinos.

Cleaning the machine is easy and it usually takes about 10 to 15 min. Cleaning the tube is key and that will avoid any clogs. If you want to make fantastic foam and adjustable strength of coffee, this espresso machine is the best for you!

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Jura is a brand that can be trusted and produces high quality machines. It brings great convenience for you and provide a good tasting of coffee. Easy operation and cleaning system will absolutely surprise you. Try to get one if you want a best automatic espresso machine.